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You are getting a unique opportunity here to finally get your hands on a tool that was developed and is currently being used by professional Entrepreneurs and Internet Marketers.  If you ARE NOT serious about becoming wealthy, don't waste your time and money.  Stay working long and hard to just survive.... and get use to it.  Because once the internet gold mine is gone, its gome.

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Watch this quick introduction video we prepared to introduce this unique tool and opportunity to our students a year ago.


You may not be the 'million dollar idea" kind of person

You saw in this short video the features of this tool and what it helps you accomplish.  Should you decide to do this, you will need to lock yourself in a quiet room with your computer for 2-3 hours and concentrate on the task of discovering, developing, and testing one or more good ideas.

Actually, look. Look guys, this is a great product and it will help you come up with some great ideas like the Po-Knee and the Just In Case Sports Bra which are making Brian Bartlett and Jennifer Cutrona wealthy.  But you may not be the "million dollar idea" kind of person - but still want to become wealthy.  

I'll level with you here - making money selling other peoples products isn't that hard. When you know the right way to do it, it's a total breeze and you'll be making money as you sleep.

For our elite group, we provide the Million Dollar Idea Brainstorm System AND Money Counts which is excellent training and assistance on how to make lots of money off other people's products working just part time.  There are thousands of dollars hidden in that computer of yours.  So now it's time to make it a reality and get you making money fast.

After using the Million Dollar Idea Brainstorm system  and completing the Money Counts workshop, we promote your product to thousands of hungry buyers to get you off to a quick start.  That's how bad we want you to succeed.

To qualify for this bonus, purchase the Million Dollar Idea Brainstorm and you will be taken to the next page where you can signup for the Money Counts Workshop. A 14+ year veteran will train you step-by-step how to become wealthy selling other peoples products and where to find the HOT ones.

The internet offers a perfect opportunity for you too - you can also become wealthy selling other people's products.

A year ago our students purchased this tool for a special student price of just $27.00.   This tool actually sells for $98.00.  However, today you can use this tool to develop your million dollar idea for the Small Business Training Center student cost of just $27.00.

Your purchase includes: a 2 hour step-by-step training video, a workbook which you complete while watching the video, and some extras we have added which you will love.

Million Dollar Idea Brainstorm Challenge

Retail: $98, Today Only $27.00

I suggest that you also get the FREE booklet below.  Order it now before purchasing the tool.  After completing your contact information, you will remain on this page so you can then make your purchase.

I can not promise that you'll even have similar results because I don't know if you will work as hard as they do. Your success in business (and in life) depends on YOU, your aptitude, your ability, your skills, your work ethic, and many other factors out of my control. Your individual success does NOT depend on me or on this product. 

Our purpose is to help you develop a marketable product or service, which you can then sell on the internet or in your community. We appreciate your trust that what we are recommending here will work for you.  if you are not satisfied with the tools we are providing you, we will refund your money.

However, If you are not prepared to do the work required, don't order this tool.  

30 day guarantee



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