50+ Community Business Ideas


Let's begin with watching this 10 minute video.  It will teach you a valuable lesson about starting a home business and how the idea you begin with may not be the successful business you end with.

This video is by trent from the Online Income Lab

With this in mind, look through the ideas below and find one that best matches your skills, talents, and or experience.  This becomes a starting point for you.

The business ideas on this page, in most cases, come with the "HOW TO" get started and business plans. 

They are provided by people selling their business idea and plans.  The benefit is if you see an idea in which you are interested, for a low cost you can get more details and a business plan, saving you time and money. 

Look through the list, and click on the links that are of interest.  At each website you can get more details and decide if you want to purchase their business plan(s). 

 Cleaning Business  Pest Control Business 
 Pizza Business    T-Shirt Business
 Cookie Business at Home  Bail Bond Business 
  Bee Keeping Business   Daycare Business    Childcare Business
Woodworking Business   Wood Products Business  Import - Export Business
 Web Design Business  Gift Basket Business
Catering Business     Catering Business Food Business 
 Gemstone Dealer Business  Scuba Diving Business
 Party Rental Business  Greeting Card Business
 Machine Quilting Business  Pooper Scooper Business
 Cellulite Reduction Business  Junk Hauling Business
 Craft Business  Grocery Home Delivery
 Nutrition Supplement Business  Handyman Business
 Lawn Care Business   Lawn Care Business  Pet Sitting & Dog Walking
 Wedding Decoration Business  Cake Decorating Business
 Kids Sports Photography  Car Detailing Business
 Professional Organizing Business Gourmet Dog Treats Business 
 Cell Phone Retail Business  Internet Bookstore Business
 Resume Writing Business  Photography Business
 Install Car Alarms Business  E-Coaching Business
 Drop Shipping Business  Kids Summer Camp Business
 Candy Bouquet Business  Dog Walking Business
 Hair Salon Business  Bed and Breakfast Business
 Scrapbooking Business  Gourmet Popcorn Business
 Viral Bookkeeping Business  Fruit Bouquet Business
 Event Planning Business  Mobile Billboard Business
 Martial Arts Business  Speed Dating Business
 Quick Books Training Business  Worm Farm Business
 Beauty Business Childrens Event Planning Business 


 Handyman Business  Importing/Exporting Cars Business
 Used Car Business  Home Secretarial Business
 Candy Vending Business  Scrap Gold Business
 Frozen Dessert Business Decorative Wall Painting Business 
Nail Salon Business  Flea Market Business
 Freight Broker Business  Tattoo Business
Make your Own Perfume Business  Pet Bakery Business
 Art Print Business  Smoothy Juice Business
 Power Washing Business  Patch Work and Quilting Business
 Manufacturing Cleaning Products Business  Finding Cash Flow Notes Business
 Flipping Furniture Business  Home Staging Business
 Video Game Business  Video Games Business Cleaning Out Foreclosures Business 
 Art Glass Business  Wood Carving Business
 Ink Jet Refilling Business  Video Editing Business
 Windshield Repair Business  Flea Market Business
 Wood Pallet Recycling Business  Mosaics Business
 Teach Kids to Cook Business  Battery Reconditioning Business
 Craigslist Business  Pet Grooming Business
 Candle Making Business  Flip Used Cars Business
 Distributing Balloons Business  Real Estate Bird Dog Business
 Text Message Marketing  Bead Jewelry Business
 Jewelry & Craft Business  Car Drifting Business
 Computer Repair Business Spyware & Popup Removal Business

Need more ideas?

Check out www.coolbusinessideas.com